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About Whitney "Whit"

Whitney ‘Whit’ grew up in a small southwestern Minnesota community with her parents and younger brother. As a female children’s book author, Whit continues to reside in the same community today with her husband, four children, and numerous animals. Children’s books have always captivated her with their creative writing, and she has harbored a deep interest in becoming a children’s book writer. However, for a number of years, fear of failure kept those ideas confined to her mind instead of being translated onto paper.

It was not until Whit had a conversation with her older son that she mustered the courage to dust off a five-year-old idea and give it another shot. Over those five years, the characters and wording underwent significant changes. However, after several weeks of contemplation and brainstorming, Monte Monster was finally born—a charming character brought to life through Whit’s vivid imagination.

Despite her inherent shyness when sharing her ideas, Whit took a leap of faith and allowed a couple of her seventh-grade students and her supportive husband to read the manuscript. Her students and her husband wholeheartedly encouraged Whit to submit the book for publishing, boosting her confidence in her abilities as a children’s book author.

Whit’s educational background is rooted in her passion for teaching and learning. She graduated from Augustana College, now known as Augustana University, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. Additionally, she pursued K-12 special education, which further enriched her understanding of diverse learning needs. For a decade, Whit dedicated herself to the field of special education, making a positive impact on her students’ lives. During her eighth year as a teacher, she pursued higher education. She enrolled at the University of Concordia Nebraska, where she successfully earned her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Mathematics Concentration.

Equipped with her expanded knowledge and expertise, Whit continued to teach math classes within the special education setting before transitioning to a middle school environment. In middle school, she found her calling as she taught 7th-grade Mathematics and Science, nurturing young minds and igniting their curiosity through engaging teaching methods.

Whit’s journey as a children’s book writer beautifully intertwines with her passion for education, and she continues to inspire and empower young readers with her imaginative storytelling and dedication to their growth and learning.